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2016 Conference Highlights

Rooted in Our Mission, Growing in New Directions

May 16-17

Albany Marriott Hotel

Keynote Presentation: 

Capital Through Collaboration: Opportunities to Increase Access to Affordable Housing Through State and CDFI Partnerships on Policy and Program

Jamie Rubin | Commissioner of NYS Homes and Community Renewal


Conference Summary

Welcome to the New York CDFI Coalition’s 7th Annual Conference. With the theme of “Rooted in Our Mission, Growing in New Directions”, the Conference will highlight the remarkable impact of CDFIs in New York State, while also serving as a catalyst for increased collaboration and funding that can bring the rapidly growing CDFI industry to a higher level. Under the leadership of Melanie Stern, our Program Committee has developed what we believe to be the most robust agenda of any of our previous gatherings.

Featured speakers include Jamie Rubin (Commissioner of NYS Homes and Community Renewal) and Michael Swack (Director, Center for Impact Finance, Carsey School of Public Policy, and the foremost researcher on CDFIs). The conference also includes insights from leading CDFIs in topics ranging from business and consumer lending to innovation and telling your CDFI story, as well as abundant opportunities for networking. I am confident you will come away from this conference with actionable ideas to help grow our CDFI movement.

CDFIs are at an important crossroads. With twenty years of documented success in providing capital to low income communities, we have a legacy of success to draw upon. However, as the need for our work becomes more evident than ever, we are required to do more to keep up with the expectations of our clients and the needs of the underserved. Through the power of collaboration, we have the potential to transform our state. We appreciate your participation in an event that can unleash our potential.

Tristram S. Coffin CEO, Alternatives Federal Credit Union Board Chair, New York CDFI Coalition

Conference Event Highlights

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