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How Community Land Trusts Preserve Affordable Housing


  • Moderator – Citizens Bank – Lisa Giordano

  • Community Loan Fund of the Capital Region – Linda MacFarlane

  • Albany Community Land Trust – Susan Cotner

  • NYS Homes & Community Renewal – Rachel Weider


As urban living becomes more attractive to the affluent, people who have lived in the same neighborhood for years are being pushed out by teardowns and skyrocketing rents. Community Land Trusts can help preserve affordable options for all. Find out:

  • How land trusts acquire and hold land for the good of the community;

  • How land trusts help low-income families build equity and financial stability; and

  • How to level the playing field against gentrification and speculation.


Join colleagues and allies from all over New York State for CDFI Fridays, a series of webinars and online panel discussions. Share your successes and challenges in delivering much-needed financial resources to underserved communities.

Connect with members and sponsors to explore timely topics like Cybersecurity, Worker Co-Ops, Preserving Affordable Housing, and much more.

We hope you'll join us as we compare notes on our efforts to bring positive change to communities and businesses across New York State.

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