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Spring Bank a force for good in Harlem, Bronx

On East 167th Street in the Bronx, there’s a commercial corridor anchored by stops on two subway lines. Along the stretch are fresh fruit and vegetable markets, nail salons and barbershops, eye care and dental offices, hardware stores, a furniture store, bodegas, check cashers, pawnshops, and the main branch and headquarters of Spring Bank — one of only two active banks headquartered in the Bronx.

Spring Bank - a member of the NYS CDFI Coalition - is a different kind of bank. They believe individuals, families and communities deserve equal opportunities to prosper. They offer affordable products and personalized financial solutions to create positive social change. They are committed to helping our communities grow.

Check out this article to learn more about Spring Bank's origin story and its commitment to service in the poorest congressional district in the country.

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