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NYS CDFI Investor Club

Capital Innovation: Cultivating New Paths to
Funding, Resources and Partnerships

The New York State CDFI Coalition (Coalition) has partnered with Impact Finance Center (IFC) to help advance our efforts to identify, educate, and activate philanthropists and investors who want to make an impact by supporting NYS CDFIs.


Investing in CDFIs is gaining popularity. Many small businesses, nonprofit organizations, commercial real estate ventures, and affordable housing initiatives depend on financing from CDFIs to help them thrive. And while most CDFIs are nonprofits, investment in CDFIs is not a zero-return proposition. In the last economic downturn, CDFIs were the highest performing asset class for investors. By putting community first, CDFIs are profitable, but not profit-maximizing.


Impact Finance Center, founded by Dr. Stephanie Gripne in 2012 is a multi-university nonprofit academic center that identifies, educates, and activates individuals and organizations to become impact investors, helping them better align their assets with their values. They have helped catalyze over $340M of investments and are creating the infrastructure for a Nationwide Impact Investing Marketplace by 2030. Their center is dedicated to delivering world-class education and expert advisory services.


We are seeking to develop and leverage a new pool of investors for CDFIs in New York State.

NYS CDFI Investor Club Series

If you wish to review recordings of previous webinars, you must create a free account with Impact Finance Center. Follow this link to sign up:

This article in Next City highlights the effort to develop a NYS CDFI Investor Club:
Stephanie Gripne Is Spreading the Gospel of Impact Investing - 11/8/21

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