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Making Change

Capacity Building for NYS CDFIs
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training

CDFIs across New York State acknowledge the important roles our institutions play at the intersection of racial and economic equity.

We are committed to using our collective power to support racial and economic justice as part of the movement to create a more vibrant, healthy, and fair society for all.  

The New York State CDFI Coalition (Coalition) has partnered with Delphi Consultants, Inc., to help us activate the Coalition to influence profound change across the industry.


With more than 80 CDFIs in New York State, we know there will be no one-size-fits-all solution. That’s why we’re committing to a four-part exercise this fall, focusing on Education, Awareness, Attitudes and Action.


  • Education: Self-guided exploration of the DEI landscape in member institutions

  • Awareness: Survey of member needs and efforts already underway

    • Facilitated Conversations

  • Attitudes: Develop a DEI Pledge for NYS CDFIs based on above conversations

  • Action: Transform words into action through policy

    • exemplary practices, model underwriting criteria, etc.


“The United States is experiencing re-awakening about the pervasive effects of inequitable policies and systems and the state of race relations in our country,” said Jennifer Rutledge, Principal of Delphi Consultants, in her proposal to the NYS CDFI Coalition. “For many who have been on the frontlines of civil rights and have engaged in eliminating disparities in under-resourced, underserved communities, the pursuit of social justice is not new.”


Ms. Rutledge has more than 35 years of practical, broad based experience in providing assistance to governing boards, advisory councils/committees, and staff of a variety of organizations. We’ve engaged her to help us develop a series of strategies, starting this fall, that we can deploy in our respective institutions in 2022.

Sponsored By

Thank you to US Bank, the lead sponsor of this initiative.

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